Is your loved one abusing opioids?

Is Your Loved One Abusing Opioids.jpgWhen we look at someone we love, we tend to see only the good, which is just one of the many reasons it may be hard to spot the signs of opioid abuse and addiction in a loved one. You may start to notice slight changes in mood or behavior that don’t make sense. Follow your intuition, even if you can’t pin point anything specific, don’t dismiss your concerns. You know them best and if your instincts are correct, then you could help save their lives.

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A High-Tech Pain in the Neck: “Text Neck”

text-neck-mather-hospital-back-and-neck-pain-centerWe live in a world where we are constantly connected. We always have our phones in our hands and we can be reached at any time. But this constant connectivity can actually be a big pain in the neck and it all comes down to how you look at it… literally.   Continue reading

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Medicine is going to the Dogs… in a Good Way

Pet TherapyImagine you’re in the hospital and your doctor or nurse mentions that they have a pet therapy program and asks if you’d be interested in having a dog visit you. You say yes and soon thereafter a dog and its handler arrive. You interact with and pet the dog. After they’ve gone, you notice you feel lighter, happier and more relaxed and you can’t wait to tell your friends and family about your new furry friend.

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Fitting in Fiber for Heart Health

oatmeal-fiber-for-heart-healthWhen we think of fiber we often think of digestive health. But fiber does more than just keep you regular, it is also beneficial in fostering heart health. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets. Continue reading

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Getting a Flu Shot Doesn’t Just Help You

Getting the Flu Shot Blog PhotoWe’ve all heard that you should get your annual flu shot, however less than half of those eligible get immunized. For those of us who are generally healthy with a normal immune system, the flu is just an inconvenience that we may or may not get.  So what’s the urgency in getting vaccinated? By getting the flu shot, you could potentially save someone else’s life.

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Preventing Winter Slips Trips & Falls

winter-boots-preventing-fallsFor some of us, winter is the season of beautiful snow falls that coat the trees and ground giving everything a fresh, powdery, dream-like look. But winter can also be treacherous. We’ve all seen someone slip and fall on a patch of ice, and may have even fallen ourselves. Extremely cold temperatures mixed with snow, ice, rain and sleet increases the risk of serious injury as a result of slips and falls. To reduce your risk of falling, follow these safety tips for walking in snowy and icy conditions:

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Preventing Back Pain While Holiday Shopping

holiday-shopping-avoid-back-painDon’t shop ‘til you drop this holiday season. Here are some helpful tips on preventing back pain while holiday shopping: Continue reading

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