The Link between Colon Cancer Survival and Diet

Vegetables.jpgColon cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. However studies suggest that what you eat can affect your chances of surviving colon cancer. Researchers have looked at the impact of specific nutrients and their impact on the likelihood of recurrence in people with colon cancer.

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Your Brain on Books

BooksWe all know that reading is good for us. It can improve brain and memory function and keep your brain operating more effectively as you age. Reading also enhances connectivity in the brain, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves sleep, and has the potential to decrease the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. However not all of these benefits are created equal across reading platforms. The battle between paper books and e-readers has largely been divided into two camps: those who favor the sentimentality of a paper book versus those who want the practicality and convenience of an e-reader. But now science has stepped in, and in order to reap the greatest health benefits reading has to offer, research sides with paper books.

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Here’s the Scoop on Your Poop

toilet bowlMost of us like to flush it and forget it, but pooping is an essential bodily function that is vital to your health. It is your body’s way of expelling waste that it doesn’t need. This is why the look and smell of your stool can provide clues as to what’s going on inside your body. The texture, shape, size, smell and color of your stool can hint at things like dehydration, diseases, deficiencies in your diet and even stress, so the next time you do the doo, see what your poop is trying to tell you. Here’s what to look for:

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Lung Cancer: Fact vs. Fiction

Lung Screening CoupleMyth # 1: There is nothing I can do to lower my risk of lung cancer.

Avoiding smoking can lower your risk of lung cancer as well as an awareness of other factors that can cause lung cancer. In addition, a healthy diet and exercise lower the likelihood of developing cancer as well as prevent other serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and others.

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6 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Days

Local Health Blog Photo - Couple KayakingSummer is on its way! There’s something about sunshine that makes everything feel better and causes all our cares to fly out the window, but don’t allow summer to mean a slip into inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. There are many local activities that you can take part in to make the most of your summer. Here are some great ways to stay mentally and physically fit close to home this summer:

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Exercises to Help Relieve Your Back Pain

By David J. BenEliyahu, DC, DABCSP, DAAPM

BNP Exercise Blog PhotoIt is a common misconception that if you have back pain you should avoid exercising. This misconception allows people to rely too heavily on pain medication and inactivity.  For most back problems exercise and movement are essential to the healing process. Controlled, gradual, and progressive exercise-as opposed to bed rest and inactivity- is part of long term treatment for reducing back pain and preventing future episodes.

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Sound Asleep but Wide Awake

Sleep Paralysis Blog PhotoHave you ever lain in bed wide awake, aware of what’s happening around you – but you couldn’t move a muscle? If the answer is yes, then you’ve probably experienced the bizarre phenomenon that is sleep paralysis.

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